Shopping in Bharatpur

Shopping in Bharatpur

Traveling without shopping is just not possible. Girls just love to shop anything. When the place is filled with colorful garments, ornaments, accessories, utensils, it is simply impossible to overlook them. Yes, Rajasthan is the place where you can collect a palate full of true Indian flavor, from traditional costumes, junk and heavy conventional jewelries to lovely designed accessories. Bharatpur, being a part of this colorful state, is worth exploring. The land is truly a versatile one with so many things. We all know about the famous bird sanctuary that is located here. The place is also rich in culture and history. Markets in the city reflect the colorful juxtaposition of various types of Rajasthani items. Shops are there to leave you bit confused on what to choose as there are so many options.

Some of the most sold items of the city are;

  • Ornaments
  • Marble carvings
  • Brass work
  • Antiques
  • Jaipur textile
No matter how much modern we are, we can’t resist ourselves in trying the colorful and beautiful Rajasthani dresses along with the accessories. The dupattas are very famous and Bharatpur markets offer different varieties to suit your personality. The ghagra that the ladies wear are really mesmerizing. You cannot slip your glances from these wonderfully designed and finely woven ghagras. Sarees of Bharatpur also reflect the traditional Rajasthani design. You can get amazed at the wonderful hand embroideries made on the costumes. They truly enhance the beauty of any girl. Traditional Jaipuri chunris or duppattas are very stylish and beautiful. They can add beauty and charm to your appearance.

Some popular names in the garment industry of Bharatpur are;

  • Sanskar Showroom
  • Paridhan Showroom
  • King Showroom
  • Shyam Sari Showroom
  • The Raymond Shop
  • Selection Ghar
  • Pradeep Fancy General Store
  • Pahanawa Showroom

Ornaments and Junk Jewelries

Bharatpur presents wide options for all the jewelry lovers. From light to heavy ones, you can find everything here. Junk jewelries are in. apart from it, traditional heavy jewelries are preferred for occasions and festivals. Both precious and semi-precious stones are used to design these wonderful and adorable ornaments. From beautiful necklaces, ear-rings to different varieties of bangles, Bharatpur shops offer all these. The best part is that you can find both expensive as well as cheap jewelries. However, the price will depend on the design and the material used for the creation of the ornaments. Traditional designs and colors are quite popular among the local women. Foreigners too love to try these beautiful pieces.

Some popular jewelry showrooms of Bharatpur are -

  • D.D. Jewellers
  • Arya Showroom
  • BNP
  • Daaudayal Ramdayal Sarraf

Bharatpur Market 

Bharatpur market is one of the ancient markets in the city. It offers varieties of items like antiques, marble carvings, jewelries, brass work, Jaipur textiles etc. These items are quite affordable and cheap. The market place is just 10 to 15 minutes from railway station. If you want to explore the real Bharatpur shopping, this is the tight place.
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